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    Help about "[ERROR] XPath error: null" - The Standard .May 29, 2011 . Hello,. I have a problem with bindings customization. Join to this mail, my xsd and xjb. When I run. xjc messages

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    Customizing JAXB BindingsBinding customization files should be straight ASCII text. The name or extension does not matter, although a typical extension, used in this chapter, is .xjb .Bienvenid

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    [JAXB-24] XJC doesn't work with directories with spaces in them .Jun 22, 2004 . If you use the full path name of a bindings file, and it has a space in it, then XJC won't work, even if you surr

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    zarandas de oro - mining machineINICIO >beneficios de la planta stevia > zarandas de oro . Celda de flotación (sección transversal total, de aire comprimido, micro . Xjb Bar flotación celula